No Plans to Close Coolmine level Crossing



During a recent canvass of the Carpenterstown area several residents expressed their concerns to me that the level crossing at Coolmine train station was due to close in the near future. This is not the case and it seems clear to me that some people have been stirring the fears of residents for political gain. There is a general plan to electrify the Dublin Maynooth but this is long term and level crossings will only be closed if it is practical. I contacted Transport Minister Leo Varadkar about the issue and he responded with the following. 

There is a long term plan to close all the level crossings on the Maynooth line as part of an upgrade to DART. At Coolmine, there would have to be a bridge or tunnel not just a simple closure. This will be very expensive and there is no money for it now. There is no design at this stage either. If and when there is, it will have to go on public display, there will be a public consultation and ultimately a vote of the council

I accept that the move to close the level crossing at Porterstown Road accelerated rather quickly and there are fears that the same could happen at Coolmine. However the junction at Coolmine train station is a vital link for many motorists and residents and it simply is not practical to close it to traffic. 


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